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We know boats. We know performance. Combine these two together and you have fun on the water and what we specialize in. Marine Machine & Performance is a leader in mud motor boats, duck boats, and performance marine motors.

If you enjoy the thrill of the water and enjoying all nature has to offer you are in the right spot. We are not just spot to buy high quality marine parts, engines, motors, and boats.

Based in Nunica, Michigan – a stones throw away from Grand Haven, MI and the gorgeous waters of Spring Lake and Lake Michigan we specialize mudmotors, surface drives, duck boats, and pro-drive motors.

However we are not just limited to mud motor boats. If your type of fun on the water involves a inboard motor, outboard motor or personal water craft (PWC) such as a Waverrunner or Jet Ski we can also provide excellent parts and service for your water craft

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Winterization service

Protect your investment from the harsh winter elements by having it professionally winterized. Taking care of your boat and engine in the fall can make sure its protected during the winter and ready to launch in the spring. We provide inboard winterization, outboard winterzation, mud motor winterization, personal water craft winterization.

Used Boats & Parts

Marine Machine & Performance offers a full lineup of quality pre-owned parts for your boat. Prior to sale each boat and marine part goes through our quality inspection so you can be assured you are getting a high quality at a fair price. 


Had Brian at MMP add his 308 cam to my motor! He also went ahead and checked compression for my heads to make sure they were still in good shape. The throttle response is 10x better now! Can’t wait to load down this heavy Prodigy and watch it carry a load! The new shop is amazing and highly recommend getting your mud motors built by MMP!
Great customer service I had Brian go threw my heads after I had a severe leakdown of cylinder pressure. He managed to fit me in and the port/polish couldn't have turned out better​
If you or anyone you know need anything done to your surface drive or longtail, these are your guys. I'm always so excited to pick my boats up, after their work. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I talk to them about all the possibilities.
Zach George
Jeson Foxx

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