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Be prepared to tackle the water by making sure your your engine and boat are in top shape. We offer a variety of services for all boats including Mud Motors, Inboards, Outboards as well as Jet Skies.

Boat Winterization
Boat Winterization

As a Michigan based company we certainly know a thing or two on how unforgiving our brutal winters can be on boats. That’s why we offer boat winterization services for any type of boat.

While it certainly is sad to shut down your boat for the winter season it’s something that must be taken care of to protect your investment. Getting your motor ready for storage is an important step in making sure it’s in top shape to run once the spring comes around.

Allowing us to professionally winterize your boat helps to prevent rust, gunk, and condensation build up while keeping the engine healthy. Not doing a boat winterization can cause damage that could have otherwise been prevented.

Our Grand Haven Boat Winterization, Spring Lake Boat Winterization, and Nunica Boat Winterization service is perfect for any type of boat such as an inboard, outboard, jet ski, as well as mud motor boats.

Maintenance & Service

We provide a variety of routine maintenance and engine repair services for all types of boats including mud motors, inboards, outboards as well as Jet Skis. Because of our years of experience we are able to quickly diagnose and fix the most common issues.

You can be assured that you when you have your boat or engine serviced by Marine Machine & Performance that we will provide excellent customer service and stand by our work.

If you’re boat motor is not running as well as it did in the past or you would like to have routine maintenance done to make sure it continues to operate  efficiently make sure you contact us today.

Our Grand Haven Boat Service and Spring Lake Boat Service is perfect for the boat owner who wants to protect their investment and continue enjoying their


Boat Winterization
Marine Metal Fabrication

Marine Machine & Performance has extensive experience with custom marine metal fabrication jobs. If you have a custom project that you need completed for your boat or yacht we have the experience and know how to exceed your expectations.

When you contact us with the details about your project we will be able to provide you an estimate on how long the project should take, the estimated costs, and any potential risks or issues you should be aware of.  We will partner with you on the project plan to make sure it fits your needs and make changes to the plant based on your input prior to starting.

Once the project plan has been signed off on we will begin the fun part! The project may involve steps such as the welding of joints and components, metal stamping and cutting, CNC machining, metal forming, cutting, or tube rolling/bending/stretching.

We will perform a thorough quality control inspection to make sure the parts are up to standards. We then complete the installation on the watercraft and once again perform a quality control inspection.

If you have a custom marine metal fabrication project  please contact the experts at Marine Machine & Performance. Let’s talk!

Why Marine Machine & Performance

This is our passion. This is what we do. We are outdoorsmen serving outdoorsemen and provide the same level of service that we would expect ourselves.